Just tasted - Ardbeg Galileo

Ardbeg Galileo 12 year old, distilled in 1999, filled to bottles in 2012 with much excitement and anticipation! Bottled to celebrate Galileo (Galileo Galilei), a hugely influential Italian astronomer, physicist and philosopher, who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution. Galileo was also an unmanned NASA spacecraft which was sent to space in 1989 to study planet Jupiter and its many moons.

The heart of this Ardbeg is matured in ex Marsala casks from Sicily, balanced with first fill ex bourbon casks, bottled at 49% vol.

Could this be the most talked about release of the year?

Ardbeg Galileo Tasting Notes

Nose: Soft, sweet smokey nose, toffee, ripe banana, slight tropical fruit with lovely lingering sooty smells. Very clean.

Taste: Smooth but big, coasts the mouth, lovely big flavours. Salt, spicy sweet notes, pepper, cooked banana, toffee.

Finish: Long gentle, sweet peat flavours coat the mouth. Slight chocolate nutty notes.

Overall: Ardbeg can do no wrong, another great dram. Galileo, a sweeter Ardbeg than usual, not my favourite, but damn good! Another, yes please.

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