Kilchoman 2009 PX Finish Single Cask / AW Exclusive

Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Distillery Bottling

To say we’re excited would be a huge understatement! Our very own cask of Kilchoman! And boy, it’s a beaut!

Established in 2005, Kilchoman distillery holds true to tradition, it’s one of only a handful of distilleries to still practice floor maltings; they even grow their own barley! We’ve always greatly admired Islay's farm distillery and what it stands for, so to team up and release this wonderful dram makes us incredibly proud indeed!

Cask #285/09 has been matured for over four and a half years in a fresh bourbon barrel before being transferred to a Pedro Ximénez cask for a further four months maturation. The PX finish on this release works a treat, softening things down a little but still allowing the dram to hold the traditional taste & characteristics you would expect from a Kilchoman whisky of this age. A perfect combination.

Single cask #285/09 has been bottled at cask strength, 58.3% vol with 270 bottles filled.

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Whisky Details

County Islay
Distillery Kilchoman
Age 5
Bottler Distillery Bottling
Bottle Size 70cl
Vintage 2009
ABV (Strength) 58.3
Bottling Date 2014
Cask Type PX Finish
Series Single Cask AW Exclusive
No of Bottles 270
Cask Number 285/09
Style Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Cask Strength Yes


13 Customer Review(s)

It's probably the best Kilchoman I've tasted along with the distillery shop Oloroso cask from 2015. Lovely, thick, syrupy and with the familiar echo's of Kilchoman style peat competing with the richness. I also love the depth of sweetness that the PX imparts. Just want them to go all the way and stick it in PX from the very start now! Certainly better than the Whisky Exchange's cask, and more than £20 less! Very nice, thank you.
Review by Mr Owen  (On 08/02/2016)

So...where do I start. I visited the distillery in July 2015, and was completely drawn in by the small-scale, traditional, manual, back to basics attitude Kilchoman have adopted. Walking around and seeing first-hand what they do, how they do it, and feeling the slightly nervous passion of a new distillery in a land of giants was quite humbling.
What they've been producing the last few years in their infancy - and I must be honest here - has not really blown me away. Younger whiskies are usually not what I go for (unless the cask is small or the climate is different), and I tend to expect a certain liveliness. I tried a wide range of expressions on their tour, and whilst they were good, I wasn't tempted to buy any.
But then something like this happens, where a particular bottling seems to have pushed its way to the surface, and with a huge emotional shout, says "NOW TRY ME..."
And this is that bottle.
Oily, butterscotch-sweet with raisins and oak all wrapped-up in a peat infused wrapper, and then the sherry pulls it all together and coats your mouth with honey-coated coal.
It needs to breathe. It needs 1 or 2 drops (drops) of water. Then it just works brilliantly, warming you up and giving you a multitude of flavours and sensations. You end up wanting another glass.
Yet again, Abbey have pulled on their natural ability to select a cask to give everyone a reason to drink whisky.
Review by Sean Russell  (On 27/01/2016)

By far the best Kilchoman I've tasted.
Review by The Best  (On 08/01/2016)

Beautiful whisky, so many flavours. have recommended this to many as it's one of my favourites from 2015
Review by Guest  (On 24/09/2015)

As with all things, my tastes are as unique as everyone else's tastes so I am sharing with you all my "interpretation" of this expression.

I thought it was very well balanced and surprisingly bold: Nosing: A nice balance of smoke and earthy peaty-ness, not as powerful as I usually like from say and Ardbeg 10 or Uigeadail or Laphroaig 10 or Quarter Cask, but not as briny or medicinal either (which is a profile you usually seek out with those two), a little vanilla as well.

Tasting: nice and fruity on the tip of the tongue, surprisingly peppery and spicy for a 5 yr., and tart from the sherry casks. At 58.3% abv - there was a bit of the alcohol sharpness coming through initially, so I had to let it open up for little while nosing, but once that alcohol dissipates for a few minutes, then it is ready to enjoy.

Now, I am not the most experienced taster at this stage of my whisky exposure, far from it. BUT I can tell you that I thought it was far more enjoyable for me than the Glenmorangie 18, Lagavulin 16 and the Balvenie 12 Doublewood. That's not to say that those are bad drams, but they are the bottles in my collection with age statements so I would definitely say that this 5 year can compete with those twice or even 3 times its age. Perhaps the blending science at Kilchoman has discovered something?
Review by Norman C. Lao  (On 02/09/2015)

This is by far the best Kilchoman I have tasted so far, what a dram. PX and Kilchoman malt seem to work in harmony.
Review by NA  (On 31/12/2014)

Colour: tawny, auburn. 5 years old you say? *blinks repeatedly*. On the nose: first, I should say that being a young peated whisky it retains a heck of a lot of potency. So much so that I the glass is an arm's length away from me and I can smell what I assume to be monstrous peat. And yet... when you bring the glass to the nose, it's a much more surprising affair. Chinese five spice. Hickory spices. Barbecue sauce. Syrup. Smokey, rather than peaty. Woodburning stoves. Ash trays. In the mouth: Oomph, this is a real brawler of a dram. Intense combinations of sweetness and smokiness are fighting it out for attention, but the sweetness wins by a whisker. That peat is restrained by the PX finish, like a Rottweiler tugging at its chain. Young liquid this, of course, and that's the point - because youth can be brilliant when deployed properly, especially on peated whiskies. Be proud of the youth - as Abbey Whisky are, by putting the number '5' on the label. Anyway, during my digression comes layers of muscovado sugar, tomato ketchup, autumn chutney - dried fruits and all that jazz, mixing with a little red wine vinegar. Some exciting wood notes. Sandalwood and ginger. Really bright black pepper.
Review by NA  (On 02/10/2014)

Nose: rRich and thick. Sweet and very peaty. A good balance of sherry and peat. Hot cinnamon pepper and vanilla with a gentle earthiness. Palate: Earthy and peppery on entry with a lot - and I mean a lot of thick sherry sweetness. This is a Peated candy. Burnt sugar. Dates and sultanas. Huge alcohol bite. Mouth watering stuff for the peat lover. Amen. A bit of water (it takes water rather well) makes it even sweeter and more earthy. Finish: Very long : sweet smoke. Peat reek. Sugar. Leather. Tobacco leaves. Spectacular young Kilchoman. I love the sherry effect here. Sweet and wonderful. Clearly an after meal winter dram. Another cracking youngster from Kilchoman, not surprising as I quite love this distillery. 80 quid for a 5 year old may seem a lot to some, but with current whisky prices, and the demand for Kilchoman, a single cask for this price is not cheap wherever you go. Highly recommended for peat heads who enjoy sherry too.
Review by NA  (On 01/10/2014)

Kilchoman is a very honest dram, produced in really small quantities in a very authentic / traditional way... all that provenance comes through easily on this dram, making it really enjoyable and moreish. Abbey Whisky have managed to get hold of a good cask here and are lucky to have it as an exclusive whisky to their range
Review by NA  (On 24/09/2014)

Colour: Medium amber. Nose: Peat smoke, sultanas, hints of strawberry, liquorice, cloves and pepper. Palate: Strong peat, sweet raisins, apricot jam, cloves, cardamom and pepper, hints of anise and wormwood. Finish: Very long, spicy and smoky. Overall: The density of flaovurs in this young whisky is amazing as is the strong influence of aromatic spices. The finish does not interfere with the spirit. This is a superb thick exlir where a little goes a long way.
Rating: 88/100 -
Review by  (On 12/09/2014)

Nose: Golden amber colour. Peaty aromas with brown sugar and vanilla. Palate: Thickly peaty, sweet caramel combined with plump sultanas and a full cask strength alcohol hit to knock yer socks off! Finish: Long spicy finish with slight peatyness, a modicum of tanin. Overall: This is a fine meaty dram - the 58.3% sure packs a punch but in a controlled, defined way. It is difficult to believe this is such a young malt, it's flavours offer a maturity seen in much older drams. Lovely!
Review by NA  (On 11/09/2014)

One of the best Kilchoman that I have tried to date.
Review by NA  (On 11/09/2014)

Colour: Golden amber
Nose: Strong vanilla with citrus fruits, caramelised brown sugar with sultanas.
Palate: Sweet toffee up front with a hint of marmalade, dryness and a long peaty finish.
Review by NA  (On 29/07/2014)

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Awarded 'Silver Recommended' - Whisky Magazine Issue #123

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Awarded Bronze Medal - Malt Maniac Awards 2015 (MMA)

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