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Ardbeg To Produce Limited Edition Kildalton

Ardbeg To Produce Limited Edition Kildalton

News broke this morning that Ardbeg will be producing a limited edition whisky to mark its support for a community project on Islay. Ardbeg Kildalton is a limited edition whisky has been created from spirit matured in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks. It's name is taken from the nearby Kildalton Cross. At 1200 years old it is an icon of Islay and Scotland and stands six miles along the coast from the distillery. Sales of Ardbeg Kildalton will help raise funds for the Kildalton Project which is aiming to establish a social and training hub in Port Ellen on the island. Dr Bill Lumsden describes Ardbeg Kildalton - "Ardbeg Kildalton is a rather curious whisky, created from an interesting cask selection. Sublime whiskies from two carefully selected years have been chosen for their juxtaposed, but complimentary styles. A blessed marriage of firm, smoky, but creamy Ardbeg from Bourbon barrels with rather racy, spicy whiskies from new and refill Sherry casks has given a harmonious union of bold, colourful flavours. What other Scotch Malt Whisky could bring together the powerful flavour of coal tar soap with the softness of sweet, sweet barley malt? Truly whisky Royalty!!" Hamish Torrie, Glenmorangie’s director of corporate social responsibility, said: “The project is a great illustration of our long-term commitment to playing our part in the community of Islay.” ardbeg-kildaltonArdbeg Kildalton Tasting Notes Aroma: A beautiful, seductive, exotic bouquet, with hints of smoked apricots in syrup, salt and pepper seasoning, and some soft, creamy vanilla. This then leads in to a symphony of smoky and herbal notes, like wood smoke, tar, menthol and fennel. A little water releases more volatile top notes, like pine resin, vetiver root, coriander, liquorice and a curious soapy note. Taste: The texture is soft and 'sappy', gently coating the tongue. The explosion of firm, robust flavours is unquestionably Ardbeg - coal tar soap, aniseed, peppermint, espresso coffee, sweet barley malt, and a lingering, aromatic smokiness. Finish: The lengthy finish is both fresh, with menthol, and spicy, with hints of allspice, clove and bitter almonds, finally revealing a distant vanilla essence sweetness. Ardbeg Kildalton will initially be sold only at the distillery before being made more widely available in the autumn.
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