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BenRiach release new single cask (#286) - UK exclusive

BenRiach release new single cask (#286) - UK exclusive

We heard some exciting news a few weeks back that BenRiach would be releasing a new single cask, exclusive to the UK. It's been a few years since the distillery released such a cask so we were excited to see what was going to be on offer... (Not to be confused with their yearly batch of single casks)
Single Cask 286 / Exclusive to the UK
From what arrived to us this week, I don't think we're going to be disappointed. Single cask #286, a peated malt was distilled in 1994 and aged in a single hogshead for 19 years. Bottled at cask strength in 2013 with only 215 bottles filled. BenRiach 1994 Single Cask 286 / 19 Year Old / 215 bottles only Colour: Deep harvest gold. Nose: Intense waves of spiced oak with creamy vanilla over apricots and peaches, all backed by a delicate, sweet honeyed peat. Taste: A combination of delicate soft fruits and sweet oak spices, covered by dramatic bursts of intense wood smoke, which mellow and mingle with hints of melon and pineapple in the lasting after-note. Benriach single cask 286 is available to order now via this link priced at only £76.25.
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