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Mystery Dram 3

Mystery Dram 3

From time to time we like to have a bit of fun and sample up a nice bottle of whisky into neatly wax sealed miniatures. What is it? I hear you say! Well that, we cannot answer... for now anyway. It could be anything from our collection - Scotch whisky, American whiskey, bourbon, blended, vatted, a single cask, Swedish, Australian, wheat, grain, Japanese, new make, a lost distillery dram, small batch, white dog, pot still, dutch, kiwi, one of our Rare or Secret Casks bottling! Basically whatever tickles our fancy at the time... Sampled Mystery Dram 3? Think you're a smarty-pants and know what's inside..? Enter your tasting notes or name the dram in the comments section below... IMG_0956
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