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Mystery Dram 4 - In play!

Mystery Dram 4 - In play!

IMG_3760 Mystery Dram 4
Mystery Dram 4 is here, and we've only got a small quantity of these 3cl whisky samples to give away... It's from the Highland whisky region and it's been bottled at 46% vol, that's all we can say... To receive a Mystery Dram, just add the words 'Mystery Dram 4' into the comments section (Order Review, just before payment) when checking out your next order and we'll make sure and tuck one of these fine little drams in with your delivery... The Mystery dram could contain anything from our online whisky shop- Scotch whisky, American whiskey, bourbon, blended, vatted, a single cask, etc etc... but the clue we've already given (region in Scotland), helps to narrow it down a little. Well, kind of...OK, maybe not that much... Thinking back, a lot of clever folk got pretty close with Mystery Dram 3, and we didn't give many clues away... Enter your tasting notes, age, vintage or even name the dram in the comments section below and we'll reveal all once all the samples are out the building... Slàinte
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