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Recently Tasted - Mackinlay’s Shackleton, Journey Edition

Recently Tasted - Mackinlay’s Shackleton, Journey Edition

Nose: A lovely deep but delicate nose, peat smoke flavours, pear drops, whisky fudge, hints of vanilla, oak and light spice with a very slight sherry note. Taste: A very smooth and well balanced dram. Coats your mouth with lovely peaty smokey flavours and hints of spice. Creamy toffee with an oily, very slight briny notes coming through, again with a touch of peat and smoke. Finish: Good length, peat/smoke coats the mouth, when the smoke leaves, creamy dry notes, with lovely delicate spice. Overall: A cracking dram, perfectly balanced. Really enjoyed the combination of spice, peat and smoke flavours. A huge congratulations to the group of adventurers who set out to recreate Sir Ernest Shackleton's desperate voyage of survival across the Antarctic. The team of six have recently reached their final destination, a former whaling station at Stromness on the island of South Georgia. This was the very spot back in 1916 that Sir Ernest Shackleton raised the alarm that his crew was stranded on another island after their ship sank. If you would like to find our more about this incredible Journey, there is a dedicated website that you can view here. There is also a twitter page which has exclusive interviews and pictures of this recent expedition @Shack_Whisky Thanks to Whyte & Mackay fo the sample dram.
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