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Suntory Rolling Stones Anniversary Bottling

Suntory Rolling Stones Anniversary Bottling

Wow, read this article this morning on The Japan Daily Press. Suntory have released a blended malt to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Rolling Stones. Not so cheap if you want a bottle! That's of course if you can get your hands on one. 150 bottles have been produced. Not sure what to make of the bottle shape, but for sure I would love to try the malt inside! Sounds like an exciting blended whisky. Some key points from this press release.
  • Bottled to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones
  • Limited-edition bottling with only 150 bottles produced
  • Cost per bottle - 500,000 yen (approx. $6,300)
  • Six different whiskies make up the blend including, 1962 Yamazaki, 1971 Yamazaki, 1972 Yamazaki, 1990 Hakushu malt and a Chita grain
Below is the full article from The Japan Daily Press.
As part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Rolling Stones’ formation, Japan’s Suntory has partnered up and will be offering a limited-edition bottling themed after the world’s greatest rock & roll band. Just don’t get your hopes up for any ‘satisfaction,’ because this bottle of booze does not come cheap. Only 150 bottles will be produced, and they will be going on sale on October 30th for a wallet-busting 500,000 yen (approx. $6,300).
The whisky is so expensive not just because of the really cool bottle it comes in (‘paint it black,’ Suntory said, when the packaging designers asked what they should do with the commemorative box). It’s actually a blend of six different whiskeys, each from significant years in the Rolling Stones’ history. A 1962 Yamazaki, for the year the band formed; a 1971 Yamazaki for the year the tongue and lips logo started to be used; a 1972 Yamazaki malt, for the year the landmark album “Exile on Main St.” was released, which contains “Rocks Off,” a song Suntory has used in their commercials. In celebration of 1990, the first year the Stones came to Japan, a Hakushu malt and a Chita grain are also included. But with only 150 bottles, even if you can spare the $6,300, you might have trouble getting your ‘sticky fingers’ on one. You just might have to resort to becoming a ‘street fighting man’ in order to win one (ok, no more song title jokes, I promise). If you still need to get your hands on a Stones-themed Suntory beverage, there a plenty of Citrus Highball cans featuring the tongue and lips on sale right now in Japan. If you are lucky enough to get one of these rare Suntory editions, and after you’ve finished it, let me know if you don’t want that bottle anymore, I’d be happy to take it off your hands. To view the original article you can view this here... If you are looking to purchase Japanese whisky online, click here.
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