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"What a nose on this one. Perfect." 90/100 - Whisky Israel

"What a nose on this one. Perfect." 90/100 - Whisky Israel

logo Our good friend Gal from the well known whisky blog, Whisky Israel, earlier today posted his thoughts on our Glencadam 22 year old, the latest release in our Rare Casks series. Below you can read his tasting notes on this, the fourth release in our Rare Casks series... Glencadam 22 Year Old / 1991 / The Rare Casks / Release 4 glencadam22yearold1991therarecasksrelease4250Nose: Very aromatic and fragrant. A beautiful nose. Lots of barley. Sweet juices. Golden syrup. Cotton candy and a zesty note too. A bit of a waxy note there as well. I could sniff that for hours. Really beautiful. Palate: Oily and sweet. Very creamy too with a big honey note. Just a giant honey comb sitting there smack in the middle. A touch of exotic fruit too. Ripe melon. Fresh coconut milk. Milk chocolate with nuts, then turns biscuit-y and caramel-y too. Think lotus cookies. Finish: Honey. Caramel. Sweet barley. Bottom line: The nose is stunning on this dram, with that aromatic honey, and candy with just the right amount of malt. The palate is also lovely. Excellent stuff. definitely in the 90’s. Score: 90/100 A big thanks to Gal for taking the time to review our latest release... Slàinte
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