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Abbey Whisky Daftmill Competition - #cheersfrancis

Abbey Whisky Daftmill Competition - #cheersfrancis

In case you missed it, earlier this month we ran a ballot for the chance purchase a bottle of our latest exclusive from Daftmill distillery. The ballot winners were chosen at random and those bottles purchased have now made their way around the globe. When running ballots with such a high level of interest, we put an incredible amount of hard work into ensuring this is conducted as fairly as possible and although it saddens us to see, there will be those that decide to sell their bottle on without enjoying what we believe to be a truly exceptional dram. 

It's exciting to see so many of our delighted customers opening and enjoying their bottle and sharing the moment with us. To celebrate this love of Daftmill and following on from the fantastic work of our friends at RMW in promoting Daftmill being opened and enjoyed under the #cheersfrancis banner, we've put together a selection of Daftmill expressions which we've sampled up as tasting sets to give away.


1 x Daftmill 2007 | Single Cask 043/2007 | Abbey Whisky | 57.1% | 3cl

1 x Daftmill 2006 | Single Cask 043/2006 | Ralfy X The Good Spirits Co. | 54.8% | 3cl

1 x Daftmill 2007 | Single Cask 037/2007 | Japan | 60.1% | 3cl

1 x Daftmill 2006 | Single Cask 035/2006 | The W Club | 56.4% | 3cl

1 x Daftmill 2009 | Single Cask 029/2009 | The United Kingdom | 61.1% | 3cl

1 x Daftmill 2009 | Single Cask 028/2009 | LMDW | 60.6% | 3cl

1 x Daftmill 2009 Summer Batch Release 2020 | 46% | 3cl

1 x Daftmill Copita Tasting Glass


Share a post of you enjoying an open bottle of Daftmill on either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and include the hashtag #cheersfrancis, making sure to tag official Daftmill & Abbey Whisky accounts. 

We've got 20 of these fantastic sets to give away, which we'll split into 2 draws. 10 sets will be given away for posts relating to the Abbey Whisky Daftmill Cask and the other 10 relating to any other open full size bottle of Daftmill, so either another single cask or one of the seasonal releases, Winter, Summer etc.

Once the competition has closed, all entries will be collated and winners drawn at random.


Abbey Whisky: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Daftmill: Instagram | Facebook 



  • The social media post must include a full size bottle of Daftmill, with the capsule seal broken and clearly open. It must also include the hashtag #cheersfrancis. Photos or videos will be accepted. If you're in with the cool kids and want to make a fancy GIF, boomerang or such like, those will be accepted also, as long as they comply with above. 
  • The competition will run from Wednesday 11th November 2020 12 noon through to Friday 11th December 2020 23:59 GMT.
  • Winners will be drawn at random and contacted within a week of the competition closing. 
  • Strictly 1 entry per person/bottle.
  • By entering this competition, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age or that you meet the minimum legal age for drinking alcoholic beverages in your country of residence.
  • The prize is as stated and non transferable, no cash alternative to the prize will be given.
  • All prizes are subject to the terms and conditions of the promotor, Abbey Whisky Ltd, Sorley's Brae, FK14 7AS.
  • Entries submitted after the closing date will not be counted.
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Stefan - January 5, 2021

Any news ? When is the Ballot ? I didn’t have any answer.
Thanks !

The Whisky Disciple - December 11, 2020

I’ve tried and tried to get a bottle but I might as well trek to Scotland and see if Nessie could get me a bottle! Now i can’t even get a chance to win a sample because I didn’t win another ballot!? The rich just get richer. Cheers Francis.

Al - November 23, 2020

That’s my point Mike. Where can you buy any Daftmill, that was the point of the ballot, no? Easier to get hold of a miniature of unicorn tears.

Mike - November 18, 2020

Hi Al,

The offer is open to any open bottles of Daftmill, not just the ballot winners…


Al Robertson - November 18, 2020

A double whammy. Didn’t get lucky in the ballot, so can’t be in with a chance for this either?

Andreas - November 13, 2020

I like Daftmill ….🤗

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