Glenrothes 2006 - Single Cask 5469 | AW 10th Anniversary

Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Distillery Bottling

So, here it is… the second single cask release in our series of special drams, bottled to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. The first release didn’t last long and we’re following up with this little fire cracker of a dram!

We’re super excited about this latest release. In fact, we were so impressed with the quality of single cask Glenrothes this year, we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to bottle our own. It’s mighty, it’s big, yet dare we say, extremely drinkable, even at full strength, 67.1% vol. We’ve fallen in love with this latest release, we truly believe Glenrothes is at it’s finest, presented in this form. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do…

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Whisky Details

County Speyside
Distillery Glenrothes
Age 10
Bottler Distillery Bottling
Bottle Size 70cl
Vintage 2006
ABV (Strength) 67.1
Bottling Date 2017
Cask Type Sherry Cask
Series AW Exclusive (10th Anniversary Bottling)
No of Bottles 636
Cask Number Single Cask 5469
Style Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Cask Strength Yes


22 Customer Review(s)

Just had a complimentary taster of this from AW for a slightly delayed order (many thanks). On the nose it reminds me a little of Hibiki 17, rum n' raisin, puddingly, like a fresh sticky bun with vanilla and cinnamon with a good dab of heat, delicious and salivating but on a fresh palate it has quite a bite, incredibly spicy which soon drifts in to a long and delicious sweet and warm sherry finish. Gets even better from 5 mins + warmth in the hand, much smoother, a very nice balance and for the price I think it's a smashing dram. Come pay day I'lll grab one or two.
Review by Darren  (On 02/08/2018)

Great cask strength malt. It is very fruit-forward and has characteristics of a really good brandy (full proof Armagnac?!) red fruit, stone fruit, cedar, cinnamon, etc. It’s a fun and unique malt.
Review by Steven  (On 08/05/2018)

Beautiful full flavor!
Thanks Abby’s for shipping around the world
For someone like me in little town to enjoy!
Review by SYL  (On 25/03/2018)

A truly amazing dram just ordered my 2nd bottle! also ordered 1 for a friend too.
The Glenrothes sherry resever is good but this is something else, another level. I took it to a whisky club and it went down a storm, I'm fairly sure several bottles have been ordered since.
It's a proper sherry bomb but with a sweetness and kick, although it doesn't taste 67.1% it's got to be tasted to be fully appreciated. I would say the best bottle at this price! A Glenrothes that will be hard to surpass
Review by Shaun k  (On 14/03/2018)

Tremendous dram, give it time in the glass to open up. Fantastic nose to it, really lusciously sweet, don't think I could drink too much of it at once, definitely one to savour
Review by Niall66  (On 03/03/2018)

I'm not normally a Glenrothes fan, but this is something pretty special. Big custard, vanilla and sweetness on the nose, backed up by a creamy, almost buttery palate - bursting with flavour. If you have a bit of a sweet-tooth, there's a lot to love here. Amazing value, especially if you're overseas and get the ex-VAT price!
Review by Jonathan  (On 01/03/2018)

100% agree with what the previous reviewer said. The quality of this whisky for the price is absolutely exceptional, very quick delivery too. Went into panic mode as soon as my first bottle arrived and just had to order a second....sure they will sell out v soon but surprised they're not already!
Review by Gillian B  (On 16/01/2018)

I'm surprised these single cask releases from glenrothes arent sold out by now.
Exeptional quality/price ratio.
Cant find anything more worth the money than these releases..
Review by Jonas Karlsson  (On 15/01/2018)

What a dram!
full bodied well balanced. A gem .
You will not find a better single cask like this soon.
see my tasting notes on facebook : Black sheep red sheep
if you can , get one now!
Review by Dennis  (On 13/12/2017)

Likeminded People share Glenrothes, this is a Dram for always sharing! Absolut fabulous!
Review by Stefan Hennig  (On 12/12/2017)

I found this whisky to be delightful, yes it's high strength but actually rather drinkable without water. Although water does add a lovely dimension. Like most say here, packed with great flavour and plenty of character.
Review by Dennis  (On 12/12/2017)

Great whisky!
One of my favourites in my collection!
Review by Ron Slootweg   (On 19/11/2017)

Fantastic whisky, sweet, creamy and packs a punch. With or without a drop of water it's a gem. Won't be the last time I buy this one.
Review by Stewart Forrest  (On 16/11/2017)

Review by Blake  (On 09/11/2017)

A belter of a Single Cask release. Given the exceptional quality of Abbey's single cask relases and the fact that it's bottled at a whopping 67.1 Abv I pulled the trigger, and I'm glad I did so.

Biscuit notes, with layers of caramel and dark sweet notes accompanied by a milk chocolate finish. Fantastic stuff.

A great addition to my collection.
Review by Yazeed  (On 05/11/2017)

Simply amazing.. What a fantastic cask you have picked.. The taste just lasts forever at full strength. Will take loads of water and changes with every drop... Excellent
Review by Spinky  (On 04/11/2017)

Liquid shortbred! Great stuff at all, the typical Glenrothes aromas combined with the sherry cask. For this young age a very full and complex whisky with a salty buttery and vinilla kick you won't find at any other distillery. And very balanced for a single cask. Well selected!
Review by Dramned!  (On 03/11/2017)

Sweet sherry note and the perfect balance between the cask & spirits. Surprisingly easy to drink , not feeling that high strength.
For the price point , very nice pick
Review by Eric  (On 02/11/2017)

Didn’t like Glenrothes, I do now,, very much now
Review by Chang   (On 28/10/2017)

Perfect balance between the spirit and the cask. Whisky this age couldn't get any better. Surprisingly the strength doesn't get in your face on the nose or on the palate. Tried this and the 2006 UK release head to head. There was really no competition. My favorite whisky this year.
Review by Kimmo Lindroos  (On 28/10/2017)

Oh boy, oh my, now we're talking! You guys certainly know how to pick a dram. Please don't sell out too quick.
Review by Dave  (On 23/10/2017)

This whisky has a nice whiff of craziness about it due to that strength. In reality it’s a beautiful, complex and classy Dram. Very unique and great addition to any collection. Great price too.
Review by Steven Doherty  (On 20/10/2017)

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