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The Botanist Cask Rested Gin

This exciting new gin expression from Bruichladdich has been crafted using 22 hand-foraged botanicals then rested for a minimum of 6 month in American and European oak casks. The Botanist Rested has a warm and viscous body, with warming spices and candied citrus peel on the nose with a symphony of botanicals along with wood spice on the palate leading to a herbal, juniper and citrus led finish. Neat, over ice with some orange, some fun mixing into cocktails, lots of potential with this rested gin from The Botanist.

ABV (Strength)


Cask Type

American & European Oak Casks

Bottle Size



Islay Cask Rested Gin

Tasting Notes


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This blush liquid delivers initial notes of warming spices and candied citrus peels, a sweet, enticing bouquet of perfumed juniper, baking spices and oak. The delicate floral, herbaceous notes of The Botanist combine with the subtle hint of dried fruits from the wood. 

Each nose of the glass entices you to discover a new element as candied fruits, sweet, fleshy orange, warming cinnamon, coconut and almonds emerge, complimenting the classic juniper style.


On the palate, the softness of the spirit is a delight. The gentle elegance of the cask rested Botanist holds a complexity and balance that is a joy to taste. 

The cask influence shapes the spirit, bringing extra viscosity to the palate while the symphony of botanicals combines with the spices of the wood to create a deep mouthfeel. Captivating oak, expert distillation and botanicals combined with the influence of wood and time create a magical experience.


On the finish, the oak influence begins to fade as the heart of The Botanist reveals itself in a rush of fresh herbal notes, juniper, coriander and citrus.