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Glenglassaugh, 50 Litre Octave Cask Ownership

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Glenglassaugh, 50 Litre Octave Cask Ownership

Ever wanted to own your own cask of whisky?

You can now own your very own cask of Glenglassaugh spirit, for only £500!!!

Your spirit will be filled into a 50 litre cask, known as an Octave, at a strength of 63.5% ABV. These casks have been handcrafted using specially selected staves from larger casks previously used to mature Scotch Whisky.

Your cask will be matured in Number 1 Warehouse at Glenglassaugh Distillery. Glenglassaugh traditional dunnage warehouse dates back to 1875 when the distillery was first founded.

The atmospheric conditions at Glenglassaugh are ideal location for the maturation in that the warehouses are next to the sea. This would impart a superior character and taste to your whisky at the end of the maturation period.

Many malt whiskies in this modern age of economies are transported to the central belt in tankers and are stored in relatively industrial parts of Scotland quite different than the superb location at Glenglassaugh.

Your cask will be selected and filled by hand in their filling store and if you wish, you can visit Glenglassaugh distillery and fill your cask yourself!

To make sure that you know how your spirit is maturing, Glenglassaugh will help you keep a close eye on it by sending you a cask sample once a year. You are also free to visit your cask whenever you want, all you need to do is give them a little advanced warning.

Your choice of inscription will be added to the head of the cask and you will receive a certificate of ownership, bearing a photograph of your cask.

They also have their own bottling facilities where they are currently bottling all of their spirits and whiskies by hand. If you choose to bottle your cask with us, you can even come and do it yourself.

With warehousing of up to 7 years, and a minimum of 3 years included in the price, this is an amazing opportunity to own your own cask of whisky, at an incredibly low price.




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